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American Football: NFL

Seattle Seahawks v New England Patriots: Money Line

Last Odds Change Key
Seattle Seahawks 10/11 19/20 19/20 19/20 10/11 10/11 19/20 17/20 19/20 10/11 17/20 10/11 1/1 10/11 19/20 19/20 19/20 10/11 19/20 19/20 10/11 19/20 10/11 5/6 19/20 19/20 19/20 19/20 19/20
New England Patriots 10/11 19/20 19/20 17/20 10/11 10/11 17/20 19/20 17/20 10/11 10/11 10/11 19/20 17/20 17/20 17/20 9/10 10/11 5/6 17/20 10/11 17/20 10/11 1/1 19/20 21/20 21/20 21/20 1/1

Best Price Percentage: 99.0%, Bookies Only: 100.2%


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